Ashcroft Playground

Williams Landing

Ashcroft Playground

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Drawing on inspiration from the nearby RAAF base, this aviation themed playground is set to become you family’s next favourite park. 

 Rising above the quiet streets of Williams Landing you can't miss the bright orange 'control tower' in the middle of the park. Not only does it look impressive, the tower provides a fantastic viewpoint over the playground and is also host to a breathtaking slide. 

Whilst the slide and tower tends to be more suitable for older children there are some pieces of equipment that children of all ages can enjoy: a sandpit, digger, climbing frame, smaller slides, swings and even a basketball court.

 Ashcroft Park is great for a family outing, pack a picnic and find a spot to watch the kids enjoy. Or maybe you could give that slide a try for yourself. If you dare!

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