Top 10 Playgrounds

By Mamma Knows West.


We are experts when it comes to parks and playgrounds. Having visited hundreds over the years, we know what makes for family fun.  From ginormous slides to water play from sandpits to swings, we have road tested everything from Tarneit to Point Cook, everywhere in between and beyond! One thing there is no doubt, Werribee & Surrounds has some of the best playgrounds in the west (indeed Melbourne!) and whilst it is not easy to choose, here are our Top Ten playgrounds in the region:

  1. Wyndham Park – This just has so much for everyone and the location is amazing. Perfect for BBQ’s, family catch ups and all ages.
  2. Safari Park – Whilst we might be a touch biased about this one (yes, we helped design it!) it is still a favourite with the kids. Inspired by Werribee Open range Zoo you will find a giraffe, a hippo and a 1 tonne rhino here!
  3. Bayview Park – We can’t go past a Pirate Ship themed park. Ever. Who can! Amazing views across the bay and that slide. Get ready to walk the plant and sail the high seas.
  4. Crocodile Park – Mamma says, the play equipment here is so unique. It is most requested playground when it comes to the kids fave. Watch out for the salty crocodile lurking in the shallows. He will get ya!
  5. Dinosaur Playground – Another one that is frequently requested by the kids! Dinosaurs conjure up so much creative play – we could visit here a hundred time and everyone still wants to visit again and again.
  6. Raffles Playground – Another fabulous play space. We love the giant boulders ready to climb and encourage the kids to step out of their comfort zone. Explore some unique play here.
  7. Lakeside Playground – Water play + Climbing = Fun for all ages!
  8. Harpley Adventure Playground – One of the best playgrounds in Melbourne – we are very lucky to have this one so close. With 2 flying foxes and some hidden animal trails – this is more than your average playground.
  9. Ashcroft Playground – One for the daredevils and want to be pilots!
  10. Presidents Park – This holds a special nostalgic part in Mamma’s heart, and you are always going to run into a friend or 3.

Werribee & Surrounds would like to thank and acknowledge Mamma Knows West for sharing their expert park knowledge with us.  

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